How to Make a CRM Work for You


Common CRM Implementation Failures to Avoid

The uptake of CRM software is growing at a steady rate of approximately 13% each year over the last few years according to reports from Gartner (2014; 2015). And with good reason – CRM software enables companies to grow loyal relationships with their clients by allowing a better understanding, segmentation and tiering of their client base, improved targeting of promotions and cross selling, and the implementation of alerts that signal a client is about to depart. CRMs are a complex software that can deliver what many refer to as a ‘360 degree view’ of their clients. Continue reading

Why a CRM is an insurance broker’s bestfriend

It's a businessman's best friend

There’s no denying that the insurance industry is a highly competitive market. With more outsider businesses, such as banks and supermarkets, offering insurance products, the competitiveness of the insurance market is only looking to increase. How are SME insurance businesses, such as brokers, able to compete with the giants?

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What’s the secret to finding the right CRM for an insurance business?

Put simply, the best CRM software has the ability to deliver a 360 degree view of your clients and contacts. For this reason a CRM should have sophisticated Contact Management at its core functionality.

Efficient Contact Management allows your brokers to have a complete picture of your clients, giving them the ability to go beyond clients’ expectations and develop strong and trusted relationships. The Contact Management component of a CRM can also bring focus and clarity to your organisation, while improving workplace efficiency and productivity. Overall your clients will be happier, ultimately leading to business growth.

Here are the top 6 attributes that make up a well-formed Contact Management function for insurance professionals: Continue reading