OneOffice – The Leading Life Insurance Solution In The Australian Insurance Industry

Ebix Australia is the leading Australian supplier of On-Demand InsurTech and E-commerce solutions to the Life and General Insurance Industry. Ebix Australia has a long history of partnering with customers to deliver custom and bespoke solutions, hosted services with remote and onsite support, and has a local team with a deep industry-specific business consulting capability. 

The Ebix OneOffice SaaS platform is at the heart of our locally-installed base’s technology capability. It is unique in that it provides an end-to-end Sales, Servicing and Product manufacturing environment. As the name OneOffice implies, it is both a BackOffice Policy Administration and Front Office sales and servicing solution. This has allowed for real-time service interactions and support by our staff.  The system is developed on a Microsoft technology stack and has an extensive range of public and private APIs that has enabled secure rapid integration with third-party offerings with market-leading performance. It is delivered as a Private Cloud solution.

Ebix OneOffice is Australia’s leading modern Life Insurance Sales and Product and Policy Administration platform. The OneOffice team currently supports 7 Life Insurance sites in Australia. All of these customers use the end-to-end Ebix OneOffice platform and InsurTech to run and operate their businesses. 

The advantages to our customers of having access to an expert team based in Sydney can be summarised as follows:

  • Local expert knowledge of the life insurance industry
  • In-depth knowledge of the OneOffice application
  • Support available within the same time zone
  • A significant locally-installed base

Key functionality within OneOffice includes integrated delivery of Straight Through Processing, with:

  • New products defined in ONE place
  • There is only ONE product engine
  • There is only ONE quote engine
  • Customer information is in ONE place
  • Customer documentation is defined ONCE
  • All user roles access Front and Back office functions in the ONE system

Ebix Australia has extensive expertise and a proven track record in delivering Ebix OneOffice as a Managed Service as defined in CPS231 and with our Security meeting the requirements of CPS234.

The Ebix team that would lead and provide direction in the implementation of the proposed solution have experience across multiple implementations of Ebix OneOffice. You can expect them to leverage this experience and bring to bear project plan and business requirement templates and processes to mitigate many of the risks typically associated with large-scale projects. They understand the business issues and will lead and guide the team from project inception.

A major consideration when assessing the risk and cost of a project that will deliver change across the business operations is the extent to which the selected software can be configured to deliver the requirements rather than requiring code changes. We conservatively expect that more than 85% of the Prospect business requirements will only require configuration and no code changes. This has been validated by comparing how OneOffice supports similar products to those administered across multiple local Australian sites.

Ebix is a global leader in the provision of InsurTech to the Insurance marketplace. Ebix is committed to establishing effective, mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our customers. We are not a transaction-driven business preferring to invest in relationships with our customers.

WinBEAT NEXT Update!

We’ve been keeping quiet about WinBEAT NEXT but we have some big news to share!

WinBEAT, Australia’s most popular insurance broking platform, used by over 300 businesses and over 5,000 users is officially moving to the  Cloud in 2023! Yes, you read that right!

WinBEAT NEXT is an end-to-end SaaS solution whereby Ebix manages the entire environment including back-ups, security and operating system upgrades! Meaning no more servers to maintain and no more user-installed WinBEAT updates, we do it all for you!

Over the last 24 months, we have been busy designing WinBEAT NEXT from the ground up, and are extremely pleased and excited to announce it will be released in early 2023!

WinBEAT NEXT has been developed using the latest technology available and although it has been completely redesigned, we maintained the same easy-to-use structure and navigation features our Users are familiar with from WinBEAT 4.3 making the transition to the new platform as seamless as possible!

 Make sure you stay tuned because  we will be releasing  a sneak peek of the final platform very soon, so don’t forget to follow Ebix Australia’s social media accounts to keep up to date with this announcement.

For more information, please refer to the WinBEAT NEXT data sheet which is available via our website, or the link below.

Link to the Downloads page

Leon D’Apice Hospitalised, However Business As Usual

As published this week in the online edition of Insurance News, and as many of you know our fearless leader Leon d’Apice had a mishap on his mountain bike in late February. Leon is doing well and currently recovering in a Sydney rehabilitation hospital.

For all of us at Ebix Australia, it is business as usual, providing our clients with the technology and solutions they know and trust.

We wish Leon a fast recovery and look forward to seeing him back in the office soon.

A copy of the article can be viewed via and is also below.

InsuranceNews article

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