Ebix Evolution Launch Recap

Eveolution Launch Event Snapshot

Broking Systems are not developed overnight, they evolve.

Ebix Australia doesn’t release a completely new broking system very often, so it was essential that we celebrate another milestone in the history of Ebix – the launch of Ebix Evolution.

Ebix Evolution is the first native cloud broking system from us, so it isn’t just another broking system released, it is the broking system that will change the technology behind  the insurance broking industry. Naturally, our presenters Leon d’Apice and Suzanne Connors, were excited to demonstrate it for our audience. 

What Makes Evolution Different?

Evolution Powerpoint title page Evolutionhas taken all the best parts of our existing software products and improved them even further, as well as adding a range of completely new features. While there are some recognisable similarities between Ebix Evolution and our other broking systems, we see this as a good thing. As they say, why fix something if it ain’t broke?

Here are the Ebix Evolution features that gained attention at today’s launch event: 

  • Workflow Enhancements
  • Microsoft Outlook integration
  • Comprehensive processing options
  • Responsive Design
  • Updated Technology Stack
  • Browser Based
  • Improved User Interface Capability

What’s Next?

Ebix Evolution is officially available to order today. Customisation plays a big part in the design of Evolution and is not an out of the box solution. This allows the system to be tailored for each individual business. With this in mind Ebix Australia has invited those interested in having an up-close look at Ebix Evolution to get in touch and arrange a workshop with the team.

There were questions from the audience on how Ebix Evolution fits in with Ebix’s other broking systems and what are the plans for Ebix other products in the future. The presentation informed us that Ebix Evolution is a new alternative to your existing broking solution. However, this does not mean that any of the other Ebix broking systems will be moving to their end of life. Both support and new versions will continue for all Ebix broking systems. Ebix Evolution is simply adding to our selection of broking systems and provides some unique features to the other products.

A Great Event!

All in all, it was a great event, and thank you to all who helped us celebrate. In case you missed the event, you can check out the slide deck we presented on the day.



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