Why your insurance business needs to start using mobile apps

why insurance businesses need mobile apps

Almost a year ago we posted on how mobile apps can improve the workplace. Flexibility, communication, productivity, customer expectations, and job satisfaction made up the list of many benefits that apps can bring to a business environment. With these benefits in mind, apps can prove to give your business an edge on your competition. This post we wanted to explore in greater depth just how mobile apps can help your business stay ahead of the competition and help build your brand.

Delight your customers.

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There are many ways businesses can use apps to delight their customers. If appropriate the business could build their own app to increase ease of use on mobile devices. These could be designed for transactions, checking personal information such as their current insurance policy, tracking fitness levels to lower insurance premiums, or all of the above and more.

Then there are the apps that serve the other side of the transaction, developed for brokers and other client facing insurance professionals. These apps are known as enterprise apps and serve both the business and the customer because they not only make the employee’s job easier and more productive, but they provide an improved customer experience by making the process more efficient and convenient.

A more holistic view on the customer experience is becoming more and more important as businesses start to realise that aspects such as efficiency and convenience are key drivers in creating loyal customers. While your business may provide these aspects in other areas of the business, it is fundamental that businesses don’t stop short. Think beyond what is convenient for the business, and consider what your customers would appreciate. Accessibility and convenience is an investment, not an expense. This type of business app can be the tool that takes your customers’ experience to another level, sets your business apart from the competition, and grows a loyal customer base.

Build your brand.

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Most probably consider a brand as a name, a symbol or logo, and perhaps a colour. They may take it even further and attribute brands to have a particular voice or personality. They are correct; a brand is all these things, however it is so much more. A successful and strong brand should infiltrate every part of your business. This means that every element of the business should be considered in how it aligns with your brand. This creates consistency and knowledge, proven to create trust in consumers.

Implementing mobile apps within your business will aid in building and strengthening the company’s brand value and brand perception. Consider how the business would like its brand to be perceived by consumers. By introducing mobile apps into client facing interactions, the brand may be perceived as forward-thinking, customer focused, business minded, and intelligent. If these attributes align with your brand, mobile apps are an opportunity to grow your brand that should not be missed.

In addition to adding to your external brand perception, mobile apps can alter your internal brand perception – the perception of your employees – and turn them into brand ambassadors. A team of loyal employees living and breathing your brand provides a great source of PR. Employees play a vital role in developing the company’s image and brand. By giving them enhanced tools like mobile apps, your employees will be able to do their job better as well as please clients. Employees will be likely to have higher job satisfaction, talk more positively about the company, and talk to friends, family, clients and prospects about the brand and products more.

Create customer centricity.

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Mobile apps have the ability to make every customer in your business feel like they are your only customer and the business is completely devoted to them. Enterprise mobile apps specifically give access to your company database and enterprise software almost as if you were in the office. For those insurance professionals who are constantly on the road but need to uphold ongoing customer relationships, can work to their fullest while travelling and using mobile apps. For example, an insurance broker could take a meeting over the phone during transportation, either with colleagues or with a client and still be able to access client information. The employee is not only able to make better use of their travel time, but they don’t have to make a client wait until they are back in the office.

Being able to answer questions and have discussions then and there delivers the service your clients deserve. The knowledge that mobile apps give employees creates a sense of reliability, trust and transparency for your customers. Transparency is particularly valuable to businesses in the current marketplace. Customers today play a much more interactive role in many aspects of trade, and it is the customers that are driving this. By giving customers the information they need to feel that they are making clear and informed decisions can be the winning formula that gets your business over the line. Whether this is face to face with a client and going through their information with them via the app, or over the phone, from anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.

Having the capability to immediately action items also adds to customer centricity. Mobile apps allow changes to take place as needed, cutting down processing time and minimising tasks from being forgotten later when back in the office. Again, customers are able to gain a sense of trust and reliability in your employees and your brand as tasks are followed through promptly. Mobile apps will give your business a customer focus that will be held in high regard.

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