Global PC Market Continues to Decline. So What’s Your Mobile Marketing Strategy?


Forbes reported that the PC market continued to fall in 2015’s second quarter, and is expected to continue to fall for the next few years. So what does this mean for your online marketing strategy?

It means that if you don’t already include mobile in your marketing strategy then you should probably start. If the declining numbers in PC purchases doesn’t convince you, perhaps the staggering fact that there are more active mobile devices in the world then there are people will. Google have also confirmed there is a driving necessity for mobile-friendly websites; releasing a new algorithm earlier in the year that ranks sites according to their mobile-friendliness when people are using their mobile device to search the internet.

There are many channels to consider when putting together a mobile marketing strategy. Responsive web, email and landing page design; mobile apps; or SMS and MMS messaging, are the primary mobile channels to choose from. Which mobile channels you decide to go with will come down to who your customers are. As with all marketing channels, what works for one customer profile, may not work for another.

One channel consumers across the board are increasingly taking up is mobile apps (Apple and Google App store revenues are expected to double by 2018). When a mobile app functions well, it can give mobile users an even better online experience of your business and products. Rather than having to squint and sift through the entire website content, only to accidentally click on the wrong link, users can open your app which has a simple, easy to navigate layout and only includes the functions and information that the customer really wants. Get it wrong though and you could lose up to 27% business, according to research from software company CA Technologies.

So, what exactly makes a good app? Though there are different ways of approaching apps depending on what you want to achieve, there are some core principles to consider when it comes to making a successful mobile application. When we were creating the Ebix Mobile Solutions range, in which we took some of our existing software products and made them available to use via apps on mobiles and tablets, we kept in mind the following:

    • User friendly interface: Design with the device in mind. This means simple, minimal layouts that are easy to navigate.
    • Seamless integration: If a customer starts their transaction on an app they want to end their transaction on an app, they don’t want to feel the need to switch devices because they’ve now being taken to your website.
    • Security: Customers want to be assured that their data is safe or you can guarantee they won’t be purchasing with you.
    • Quick loading: If it is not possible for the app to load quickly, inform the customer with a friendly message, otherwise they will think your app is broken and not bother.
    • Test, test and test again: catch the bugs before your customers have to experience them for themselves.

These core principals should be considered when creating apps for any type of business, including insurance businesses. And while there is a lot to consider when creating a mobile strategy that may or may not include an app, it is important to consider how it all fits into your overall marketing strategy in order to create a seamless customer online experience. PC purchases may be declining, but they’re certainly not disappearing.

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