How mobile apps can improve the workplace

Mobile Apps in the Workplace

100 billion apps have been downloaded from the Apple App Store since it opened in 2008. Mobile apps are obviously very popular for personal use, but did you know they are gaining increasing popularity within the workplace? When you consider their ability to engage, provide easy access to information and improve efficiency for activities, all within a small and easy to use software app, it actually makes a lot of sense for companies to consider adding apps to their technology network. Whether it is an informal app that improves communication between colleagues, or an enterprise app to give employees access to the company’s custom software while they’re out of the office, there are many ways mobile apps can improve the workplace.

Flexibility – Having an app version of the custom software employees would normally use in the workplace provides them 24/7 access from wherever they are. If they are on the road to a meeting, travelling interstate or overseas for a conference, or working from home, employees are no longer restrained to only working within the office walls.

Communication – Apps can open up communication among colleagues as well as their customers. With the tap of a finger employees are able to not only able to access and share information with customers and colleagues in real-time but make instant changes and communicate these immediately with the relevant people. Processing time becomes a thing of the past.

Productivity – Ever caught an employee looking and interacting with their smartphone? What if the employee could instead be interacting with their smartphone but using the business’ enterprise app? They can even take advantage of their travel time and continuing their work, as well as make real time updates rather than rely on memory to make to the changes when they get back to the office. It has been reported that many people are already bringing their own apps into the work place to improve their productivity, in particular communication apps.

Customer expectations – Given the development of technology and globalisation, customers almost expect companies to have real-time information when they meet with them. Even if they’re not expecting it, this is your company’s chance to wow your customers with the information you have and the speed at which you can get it.

Employee job satisfaction – Because of all the reasons above, apps can improve employee job satisfaction. Who wouldn’t want to save time on tasks if they can so they use that energy for other things? Who wouldn’t want to make the most of their travel time during work hours so they don’t have to stay back in order to meet that deadline? Who wouldn’t want the freedom of being able to work from home because you have a meeting in the morning and it doesn’t make sense to come into the office? Who wouldn’t want to impress their clients and give them the best experience possible? No one.

There are many benefits to using apps in the workplace. If you’d like to know more about apps that could benefit your insurance business, visit the ebix website or get in contact, 02 8467 3000 or

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