Why successful businesses are moving to the cloud

Gradually more and more businesses all over the world are moving their software suite into the cloud. So what is so good about the cloud that is getting them to make this shift? There are a lot of reasons for choosing the cloud over on-premise systems. These are the top reasons why cloud based CRMs are gaining significant popularity:

  • Reduced costs: Traditional on premise solutions are substantially more costly than the cloud for a number of reasons. These include the cost of internal IT staff to keep the system running; longer repair times should the system go down; and pricey upgrades if your business is to grow or change.
  • No upkeep: Because there is no hardware, there is no maintenance or service required. The software provider should automatically upgrade and maintain the program. Should your system experience any bugs you can alert the support staff and have it investigated instantly, as opposed to waiting days for a service person.
  • The sky is the limit: Scaling your business up or down is quick, easy and cost effective due to the flexible nature of a cloud based CRM. Simply add or subtract users and functions. There is minimal risk, implementation time, and storage requirements. The sky (or the cloud) is the limit!
  • Accessible 24/7: A cloud-based CRM will meet your staff’s needs no matter where they are – on the road, at a meeting, on a plane or in the office. An accessible CRM can be implemented into the workflow of your staff easily, and therefore getting the most out of the software.

While on-premise software has it’s benefits too, cloud appears to be where the future is headed with good reason.

If you’re considering cloud-based CRM, get in touch with the Ebix SmartOffice team on +61 2 8467 3000 or email them at smartoffice@ebix.com.au.

Visit ebix.com.au/smartoffice for more information.


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