What’s the secret to finding the right CRM for an insurance business?

Put simply, the best CRM software has the ability to deliver a 360 degree view of your clients and contacts. For this reason a CRM should have sophisticated Contact Management at its core functionality.

Efficient Contact Management allows your brokers to have a complete picture of your clients, giving them the ability to go beyond clients’ expectations and develop strong and trusted relationships. The Contact Management component of a CRM can also bring focus and clarity to your organisation, while improving workplace efficiency and productivity. Overall your clients will be happier, ultimately leading to business growth.

Here are the top 6 attributes that make up a well-formed Contact Management function for insurance professionals:

  1. Appointments, tasks and activities should be able to be set up in one click. Any more than that and staff will be less inclined to set them up at all.
  2. Integration with your broking software. Being able to integrate your existing software with a CRM is invaluable. It allows your data to be available across multiple programs, maximising your customer data assets.
  3. Extensive client history and document management. This is particularly beneficial in the insurance industry for audit and compliance reasons. It is also helpful in keeping track of when clients were last contacted, and what was communicated to them. A complete history of your clients can be achieved by saving documents to client profiles, as well as being able to attach documents to emails.
  4. Data should be detailed and easily accessible. If you’re staff are on the go and visiting clients regularly, you want a CRM that is internet and mobile accessible 24/7.
  5. The ability to send emails individually or to as many people as you like. Email integration that allows for sent emails to be saved to client profiles is also an excellent tool to have.
  6. Campaign tracking and Pipeline processes can easily be set up to measure ROI on marketing campaigns and prompt brokers of the next step in the sales pipeline. This will allow you to tailor your marketing campaigns and structure your sales processes to achieve the best results.

What’s the best secret to finding a great CRM? Ask yourself, will it do what I want it to do?

If you’re interested in knowing more about what a CRM can do for your insurance business head to the Ebix SmartOffice page, or contact the Ebix team on smartoffice@ebix.com.au or +61 2 8467 3000.

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