Why successful businesses are moving to the cloud

Gradually more and more businesses all over the world are moving their software suite into the cloud. So what is so good about the cloud that is getting them to make this shift? There are a lot of reasons for choosing the cloud over on-premise systems. These are the top reasons why cloud based CRMs are gaining significant popularity: Continue reading

The information age: deciphering data and reporting capabilities of a CRM.

The information age is truly upon us. While it can sometimes feel like information overload, having the tools to collect client data and extract meaningful, intelligent information can be what gives your business the edge over other insurance professionals.

Most CRMs on the market have a wide range of data-capturing tools and enormous reporting capabilities. However, deciphering whether they report on information that is important to your business can be challenging. Continue reading

What if all your leads could be high quality leads?

If all your leads were high quality leads, what would that mean to your business? It could mean obtaining a deeper knowledge of who your target market is and where they are. It could mean a clearer picture of the buyer’s journey and identifying more opportunities to act upon. Essentially, it could mean more sales and more referrals. Continue reading

What’s the secret to finding the right CRM for an insurance business?

Put simply, the best CRM software has the ability to deliver a 360 degree view of your clients and contacts. For this reason a CRM should have sophisticated Contact Management at its core functionality.

Efficient Contact Management allows your brokers to have a complete picture of your clients, giving them the ability to go beyond clients’ expectations and develop strong and trusted relationships. The Contact Management component of a CRM can also bring focus and clarity to your organisation, while improving workplace efficiency and productivity. Overall your clients will be happier, ultimately leading to business growth.

Here are the top 6 attributes that make up a well-formed Contact Management function for insurance professionals: Continue reading

How to achieve a comprehensive audit trail for your insurance business, without the effort.

If you’re looking for a way to produce a comprehensive audit trail on individual clients with little effort, then CRM software could be the answer you’re looking for. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software can effortlessly provide a detailed audit trail simply because of its design and functionality. Essentially a CRM records as much relevant customer information possible, among other functions.

Most CRMs allow interactions, activities and documents to automatically be saved to a client’s account as the user enters the information into the system. Not only does a CRM act as a core database of customer information which can help your team drive sales, but it delivers a complete client history. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with compliance and claims, reducing your business risk. Continue reading